“Miracle, therapeutic & Impartation Services” by Pastor Chris Oyakhilom and pastor Hinn

“Miracle, therapeutic & Impartation Services” by Pastor Chris Oyakhilom and pastor Hinn

Revered Pastor Chris Oyakhilome held a two-day gratis event for spreading the Gospel, and providing wonder, healing, as well as impartation services. In this transforming influence of the sacred Spirit executed its act pm all of the believers who were present. Pastor Oyakhilome was joined by Benny Hinn, an US pastor who’s been an active minister as well as miracle-worker for more than thirty years.

The “Miracle, therapeutic & Impartation Services” were held at the renowned LoveWorld Convocation dome, which is able to hold a maximum of 20,000 attendees. Services commenced at 5pm on Friday and Saturday, which had been the 28th and 29th of October of 2016 respectively. Once more, admission to this even was absolutely gratis.

On Pastor Hinn

He’s preached to in excess of 1 billion individuals universally and has executed numerous acts of curing. His devout therapeutic services are televised globally on his TV program named “This Is Your Day.” He lends his support to 60 mission groups all over the earth. Through the work that he does, 100,000 kids are provided with housing and food yearly.

On Pastor Chris Oyakhilom

Pastor Chris Oyakhilom does not require any foreword to the citizens of Nigeria. He founded the foremost 24/7 satellite network of Africa, hooking Nigeria up to the other parts of the Earth. He makes use of the network, named “Loveworld,” for transmitting a memo of hope and happiness to millions of individuals in all continents the world over. Though the Healing School of his, he’s been accountable for numerous miracles, which include the curing of cancer, blood diseases, infertility, diverse forms of psychological ill health. Chris Oyakhilome has been of help to the lame in making them walk again and made blinds see again. His ministry, made up of innumerable members, is amongst the largest the world over.

The two day program

This two-day “Miracle, curative & Impartation Services” provided an occasion for newcomers as well as deep-rooted believers in hearing the Word of Lord, as well as experience the astonishing influence of these couple of men of God. This “Miracle Services,” whose hosts had been Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy and Pastor Benny provides a unique chance if seeing the transforming influence of conviction happen eight before you.

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